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About us

Embark on a journey to Spruce-up your Décor with India’s finest solid wood furniture makers- Karavan Home!

Driving the interior designing industry towards being Sustainable & Trendy, our collection is inspired and created by traditional crafting masters. Wood furniture helps in adding an organic and earthy feel to any space. Making wood furniture is like creating music for us. We combine the age-old tunes of our artisans with the high-end tracks of our designers.

We Design, You Discover! Our Craftsmen are backed with descended knowledge of making wood furniture. Their commendable skills have helped us gain global recognition while delivering quality pieces. Join our ‘Karavaan’ to find the best of fusion, modern, conventional, and classic Furniture.

Solid Wood

Every wood has a Story! Working with a natural product like Wood is an exciting process. Every bark and ring tells a tale of the tree’s life. By incorporating these in our designs, we give them a timeless and classic look. We put together the ideas of Uniqueness and Sustainability to craft these pieces.

The diverseness of each wood panel used for making the Furniture is what makes them special. The variety and versatility of our products showcase the natural and cultural heritage of India. Our sculpted pieces embrace the looks of original wood grains giving them a more natural look and longevity.

Know our Roots & your favorite Furniture

Life Style Images

Our products are photographed by some of the most innovative and talented Photographers. Our ‘Karavaan’ is decorated with stunning Lifestyle Photographs of our products.

Studio Shots

We might use fewer technologies in the making of the Furniture. But to let our customers have a complete view of the piece, we also provide a 360º view of the Furniture.

Protecting Environment & People

Solid Wood is our base material; our Karavaan is incomplete without this element. And without the input of skilled artisans, the KH product range would not have been this impressive. By adding the heritage of our craftsmen and respect for Mother Nature, we create our own formula for generating Sustainability.

The happiness of our customers, workers, and Environment is our priority. We encourage our teams to give their best so that they can portray their skills in the best way. KH completes and delivers every product with meticulous carving and finesse.


Our Factory is all about ‘Art meets Technology’. With numerous tech-savvy machines and equipment, we also have the most reliable and hard-working tool- our Artisans. By combining both, technology and their abilities, we create unique furniture for our customers.

Karavaan Home: Carving the Furniture for you. Get to know us here…


The credits for the refined looks and designs of our products go to our versed craftsmen. They are like Magicians who use their age-old knowledge of Crafting to create marvelous pieces for our selection. To complete the product, the artisans use top-quality resins and oils to give the furniture a smooth and refined finish.

By forging such finishing materials with talent and nature, we give our products organic and luxurious looks.


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